Mobile CRM extension for non PC users

Belladonna IT has released a pilot version of its Field Force CRM which enables field sales and service force to stay connected, and respond back to the CRM without ever accessing a desktop or notebook PC. The application has been developed using windows mobile 6.0. Salient features are:

  1. No need for a user to have a desktop or online user id, thus saving on user ids which will never be used.
  2. Update CRM either via the mobile app, or using SMS. Read for the details of the SMS gateway case study.
  3. Application available even when the user is out of range or in low signal area. Sync happens when the signals are strong enough.
  4. Custom screens and pick lists depending on the user requirement.
  5. Synchronizes with any back end CRM, both on premises and on demand subject to web services integration being available.
  6. Can be deployed stand alone on a cloud.
Field force CRM

Targeted at non IT field force such as service engineers for a range of industries such as

  • White goods and domestic appliances service engineers
  • Dish TV/ electronic good service engineers
  • Auto accessories installation and service staff
  • Field service representatives of government data collection agencies

The product is being currently field tested in Bangalore. We are seeking beta testers for various deployment scenarios mentioned above. Contact us for more details.

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